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Our manifesto

Who we are and what we do.

Medius was founded 20 years ago, and since day one, our goal has been to go beyond the technological limits of our era. Today, Medius is an award-winning software engineering company specializing in developing enterprise IT solutions.

Our sweet spot is delivering custom development projects using DevOps, Big Data, and Machine Learning, ensuring our clients gain a competitive advantage. Medius next-gen apps are already implemented in the telco, transport, and insurance industries.

This is our manifesto.

The truth is what most people run away from. I’ve always been inside that truth because I can’t find a better place to live in.

There is nothing particularly pleasant to see there, for that reason I carry scissors and duct tape in my pocket, because everything in this world can be cut and glued, and then wound on a tape recorder.

I decided a long time ago that this would be the process by which I would make my music. I was a pioneer, a forerunner, and that is my earthly glory. If it’s necessary for a man to return to the beginning again and again, then what is the end meant for? If it is necessary to be left without something, only to realize how much it’s worth, then I have not learned anything yet.

I was moving towards electronic music because I sensed that machines would one day take the lead over man. Human thoughts can be transformed into electronic music, so beauty can be created, but man is not obliged, due to this, to die out completely.

The essence of that thought that flows through musical waves travels from brain to brain, like the Trans-Siberian Railway. Everything transforms in a second, and music has such a powerful and fast power of action. The body bends and becomes more flexible, I can imagine that I am not a catfish, but some plant, philodendron for example.

My purpose is to listen, analyze, and use billions of information to grow my wings and fly like a pterosaur, and that’s the whole point.

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