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This is how your company can benefit from CI/CD

CI/CD: part 2

We’ve already written about what is CI/CD and how your company can benefit from it. If you missed the article, we suggest you read that one first.

Ok, so you’re back and ready to hear more about the benefits of CI/CD. We’ll review the added value and discuss security and specific cases we work on at Medius.

The added value of CI/CD

First, let’s talk about safety. By using CI/CD, only our clients can do the configurations since they alone have access to the environment where the application is being built, deployed and run. It’s a completely closed and controlled environment, which makes it very secure.

Another benefit is the deployment itself because it happens almost automatically. A prepared and automated file already contains everything you need; all it takes is a couple of clicks.

And the last one, in case of a situation where the company that authored the software cannot or is no longer chosen to maintain or upgrade the software, you still have all the access and tools to continue developing the application without a vendor lock-in problem.

How’s that for transparency?

Are you a good fit for CI/CD?

Suppose you want or need (for any reason) to host the application internally (inside your system) instead of using a product hosted elsewhere. In that case, you may be a good fit.

For companies, such as banks, lotteries, etc. it is mandatory to restrict access to internal IT environments with a private network, with no connection to the internet, to prevent fraud and cyberattacks. And despite anonymizing personal data, many organizations would feel much safer if their applications were hosted locally.

Medius and CI/CD

So how do we at Medius stand with CI/CD? Our goal is to ensure that deployment is a painless process for our clients, no matter their choice. We are well equipped to develop software this way as many of our clients work in very competitive fields with high risks. Even a minor security breach can cause financial damage; sometimes, it can affect their brand and reputation.

And that’s completely avoidable when you decide to work with a reliable partner.

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