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Custom Software Development and Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies often overlook the significance of bespoke software development. However, the manufacturing business is getting increasingly competitive, and it is projected that it will continue to do so in the long run.

Staying ahead of the competition and adding a layer of flexibility to the manufacturing business presents a great challenge that only data-driven (custom) solutions can support. Digitalizing every aspect of the manufacturing process and production environment is not advisable and also not practical. Let us dive into which tech (solution) areas do show a positive trend.

Custom software, unlike commercial software, is built to the client's specifications and exact needs, so it works faster and better. Custom software can handle everything right from the beginning—from workforce monitoring, billing, tracking operations, and design to implementation, manufacturing, shipping, personnel management, client relationship management, and recognition of the clients’ demands.

Manufacturing companies often overlook the significance of bespoke software development.

At Medius we aim to leverage analytics, business intelligence, and data science to help manufacturing companies stand out. For instance, manufacturing companies can be taught how to use data to enhance business efficiency and operational performance, improve sales and manage risks.

One of the most interesting use cases of AI in the manufacturing industry is ML-powered prediction tools that allow manufacturing companies to analyze and act in real-time, which in turn boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and saves time by keeping the production process consistently at optimal levels. This prediction tool can be implemented in their step-by-step manufacturing process from production to logistics.

Areas of custom development where Medius’ expertise shines:

  • Business-critical Enterprise Applications
  • Big Data Services
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Saas and PaaS development
  • Machine learning (ML) applications and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The Safe Way to Get Ahead

An overwhelmingly positive impact of developing client-specific custom enterprise applications is that sometimes this process can trigger new ideas about productization of the solution. After gathering positive feedback from different industries, we have decided to productize an application that encompasses the best parts of custom development while also addressing cross-industry challenges. The result is a content-agnostic solution Gamayun—a data lake for real-time data analysis and event prediction.

Gamayun helps manufacturing companies identify infrastructure data content flow, interruptions, and potential failures. “We can evaluate the data infrastructure health of any company and prepare it for the future.” What is of great importance is that Gamayun can tackle the following use cases:

  • Tracking events from various applications (operational and business-critical enriched events) into the big-data system integration in real-time offering:
  • Custom visualization (events, notifications, alarming);
  • Full-text advanced searching and filtering;
  • Real-time IT process and business observability.
  • Predicting and preventing failures and endpoint communication delays using machine learning models based on both historic and real-time data;
  • Visualizing the graphs of endpoints with the corresponding metrics data for detecting the bottlenecks and critical paths, indicating application/sensor faults and infrastructure scaling problems.
  • Anomaly detection and alarming for prevention of possible critical system failures and delays.

Gamayun is now a cross-industry solution that offers great results. Given that data is Gamayun’s fuel, specific and careful data manipulation is of the utmost importance for Gamayun’s analytics and future prediction. Nevertheless, years of experience and many successfully finished projects have given us a better understanding of how to manipulate data to maximize its value.

The key takeaways

Let us share what our clients like to emphasize regarding the benefits of Gamayun:

  • Gamayun enables us to understand what is going on with the ecosystem, especially if the system consists of legacy and proprietary applications;
  • It delivers business performance monitoring and observability for every layer of the tech stack for simplified prioritization;
  • Gamayun improves user interaction with more information on where people connect with the applications and makes the most of every interaction with precise, end-to-end user insights.

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