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AI and the Future of E-governance

Ah, the old digital revolution. It’s everywhere, from big companies to governments, everyone is trying to use digital to do things faster, smarter and more efficiently. As people became more digitally literate and confident about smart devices, this opened a way for doing things differently. In 2020, over half of the world’s population were active internet users having fun on social media, shopping online, working remotely or streaming from on-demand services. The world has changed and e-governance is no exception.

Electronic identity

When you can prove electronically you are who you say you are, you can gain access to services provided by government authorities in a secure and efficient way. AI can help people to use these services and makes the transition much easier.

Connected healthcare

Healthcare systems are faced with significant challenges and AI can address many of them. From enhancing patient-focused systems to new ways of care, putting patients at the center by using AI can offer better overall user experience. And most importantly, patients can have the opportunity to be more proactive about their wellbeing, using their health data, and develop new habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Public Infrastructure Maintenance

AI can help monitor the condition of roads, bridges, and buildings to identify any potential issues. Even better, it can even help us prevent further damage. Imagine public road infrastructure in perfect condition!

Disaster Response

A sad reality is that no country is safe from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes or fires. With AI technology, we can manage these situations better than ever. This means much better support for the affected citizens with the AI-powered government interventions.

Routine Task Automation

AI can automate many tasks, leaving time for people to do other more creative or important work. Many routine tasks in the public sector like administrative workflows, payrolls and transactions can be automated. This can directly increase productivity and ensure high quality services to people.

With AI the future is bright

Technology is changing the way e-governance works. With the help of AI, we can offer much better services to people and solve problems faster. This move to e-governance saves time and money that can be used to improve existing and develop new technologies. E-governance is not just a thing of the future, it is here now.

With our extensive experience in AI and machine learning, we are here to help you with the development of software solutions.

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