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5 Reasons Why Custom Software Leads To Faster Adoption Within An Organization

Custom software development can be a crucial competitive advantage in organizations because it comes with upsides like higher reliability, increased security, and efficiency. But there is a big reason why successful companies choose custom solutions over commercial software.

The reason is faster adoption within an organization and here are 5 examples to show why this is the case.

1/5 Tailored to your challenges

There are many solutions on the market that can solve challenges similar to yours. But this one-size-fits-all can become problematic when it comes to details.

Why should an organization adapt to software when it can be the other way around?

Custom software development is made to exist within the intended environment and to deliver data-driven solutions to specific challenges without disrupting the workflow of your organization.

Something to consider:

Medius uniquely offers fixed-cost projects while using an agile project methodology. By doing so, we take over a huge risk while guaranteeing customers a successful delivery of desired solutions within a known budget and time frame.

2/5 Only the features you need

It’s important to acknowledge that each organization is unique and not all problems are the same. Off-the-shelf solutions sometimes offer more features but most of them end up being unused and even in the way. When the end-user needs to execute an action within the application, finding the right feature can be like searching for a needle in a haystack which only slows down the process and extends the learning curve.

Custom software is made to empower your team without the extra hassle since it always adapts to your needs.

Business-critical enterprise applications, Big Data services, and Machine Learning services need to be designed together with the intended users—your employees—as it makes sense that the final solution should look and feel familiar to them in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. Adopting a new software can otherwise present a significant challenge for them.

3/5 Built over your existing system

Another benefit of custom software development for business is the complete integration into your company workflow. While commercial software usually adds extra steps to your workflow, which disrupts the process, custom software solutions are designed to integrate with your organization's needs and will fit right into the ecosystem. Beyond that, it will also help you optimize your business process and enhance the productivity of your business workflow.

There is no one-size-fits-all Big Data implementation strategy.

What’s more, pre-built commercial solutions may not be optimized for your ecosystem, especially when tackling such important domains as data. Meanwhile, the custom-made solutions eliminate the problem of incompatibility with legacy systems.

4/5 Scalability and flexibility

Your organization is solving not only the problems of today but also preparing for the future. As your organization grows, teams become bigger, problems become more complex and if you work with data analysis, data visualization, and prediction (using Machine Learning and AI) this can become a real challenge. While custom software can adapt to the changes with continuous updates, the use of commercial software could demand a whole new set of applications in line with the changes, which means large investments just to continue operating.

Custom software grows with your organization.

Big Data services together with Machine Learning applications offer a level of scalability that is rarely attainable with pre-built solutions. A beneficial result is also a lasting partnership with a trusty vendor. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a development team ready to expand the capabilities of your software whenever you need it?

5/5 Long term efficiency

This boutique approach is not only smart but also more efficient. From our experience, customized software solutions will continue to speed up your operations, optimize workflow, help you save money in the long run, and avoid common bugs and other issues that arise during the integration with your existing software product.


We’ve looked at some of the important benefits for organizations that use custom software solutions which all lead to faster adoption. With its continuous feedback loop, custom software will grow with your organization and support your team by giving them the tools they need to address the existing and future challenges.

For teams that work with data, analytics, Big Data architecture, Machine Learning, and AI, custom software proves to be a crucial asset.

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