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5 Important Steps We Take When Collecting Data

Build Bulletproof Systems — Regardless of the industry or field your organization is in, data collection is an essential part of every system that is subject to…

How is AI saving drinkable water?

ARNO, a data-driven solution — How is AI saving drinkable water? We’ve already shared some background of how we at Medius are approaching the hardest issues we’re faced…

PoC setup and implementation in 3 steps

This is how we do it — That’s a great idea, but will it work? This is one question we get asked a lot and we’re not afraid of it. In the world of software, there…

How industries could benefit from real-time data analysis and event prediction

Data is gold, don’t miss out on it — Here’s an example. Let’s say a typical software is like a thermostat. It operates in a simple loop, always returning the room to the set…

Why Is Machine Learning Relevant Now?

Photo by mahdis mousavi on Unsplash With a formidable role in driving the efficiency of analytics, machine learning is transforming many…

Custom Software Development and Manufacturing

The Safe Way to Get Ahead — Manufacturing companies often overlook the significance of bespoke software development. However, the manufacturing business is getting…

5 Reasons Why Custom Software Leads To Faster Adoption Within An Organization

Custom or Commercial? — Custom software development can be a crucial competitive advantage in organizations because it comes with upsides like higher reliability…

Fraud Detection Solution for Insurance Companies

Powered by Machine Learning — Stay ahead of the competition with a unique fraud prevention solution. Photo by Medius. If your insurance company deals with many claims…

What is AI in real life?

Spoiler Alert: It's Not About Robots — When we hear the phrase artificial intelligence, science fiction movies are probably what comes to mind first. Artificial intelligence in…

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