Operation Support System (OSS)

As part of the Operational Support System (OSS) program, we offer a set of services that help telecommunications providers to monitor, control, analyze and manage their telephone networks and services.

Fulfillment Automation

Fulfillment automation is our key solution within the OSS program, aimed at excellence in operational efficiency of provisioning functions of the Network factory. Telcordia’s Granite suite is the heart of the solution as a reliable inventory of all network resources and services (e.g. ISDN, IPTV, LLU, VOIP, Metro Ethernet, VPN). It is the most important pre-requisite to the solution. The Service Catalogue approach modeling Service Specification enables abstraction of network services hiding all technological aspects or decisions. This approach leads to a small number of different specs (around 30) as opposed to a product catalog with thousands of product specifications and thousands of combinations of service orders. Instead of statically pre-defined scenarios, our solutions uses an innovative “technology agnostic” approach to service order orchestration. The flows are generated on-the-fly as a composition of atomic building blocks. Architecture emphasizes re-use of pre-built service management components and offer a solid implementation of Dijkstra's parallel graph search algorithm for finding the best route from a customer location to a service access point (SAP). Benefits of the solution can be materialized in fast time-to-market introduction of mass-market FTTx offerings or managed IP services (e.g. IP PBX, VOIP trunk). Check our referenced project Automator.

Provisioning, Activation, Monitoring

Our activation, provisioning and monitoring solutions specialize in implementing tools and APIs ("southbound interfaces") that enable and simplify development of software-based voice applications for Broadworks based switching systems, as well as implementing SOAP/REST southbound interfaces that enable provisioning and call control of Siemens EWSD digital switching systems via FOS (Foreign Operating System) gateways. Using these tools and interfaces, third party applications can easily and safely access functions of the digital switching systems. Furthermore, we offer a workflow process management system and a technology agnostic approach to service provisioning orchestration enabling third party applications to access the underlying telephone switching systems in transparent and abstract way. These provisioning and activation services can be effectively deployed for telecommunication operators requiring secure, self-controlled and specific user call management systems for either TDM or VOIP Centrex switching systems. Our solution has been implemented for hotels, government institutions, large companies, prisons, etc.

Service Delivery Platform

Our Service Delivery Platform is based on the Mobicents Communication Platform, an open source architecture to create, deploy and manage services and applications integrating voice, video and data across a range of IP and legacy communications networks. Based on this platform, we offer numerous services such as voice announcements for DTMF call controls, automatic Text to Speech conversion of web notifications to targeted phone numbers (e.i. commercials, greetings, etc.), DTMF controlled e-shop confirmations, etc. Furthermore, we have also integrated this SDP stack into the Facebook environment so user's textual notifications can be automatically sent to the targeted phone numbers of other Facebook users.

Business Support System (BSS)

As part of the Business Support System (BSS) program, we offer tailored services ranging from real-time rating, resource management, customer self-care provisioning portals, etc. All our services are based on the latest Java EE technology, operating 24/7 and interfacing OSS southbound APIs for activation, provisioning and monitoring. Furthermore, services offer rich user interfaces for process customization and parametrization, user management, system configuration, etc., all based on high requirements for data protection and auditing.

Rating and Billing

We offer customized billing and revenue management services; particularly, the billing and rating services tailored to customers using TDM or VOIP Centrex digital switching systems. As a part of the solution, we offer a stand-alone Radius based CDR collection module, a real-time rating module which can be easily integrated to the telecommunication operator's back-end billing system, call control functionality by using our activation and provisioning tools, extensive graphical user interfaces for user management, billing, reporting, auditing, etc. We offer either real-time prepaid or postpaid functionalities, depending on the customer's usecase scenarios. Furthermore, our prepaid service is fully specialized for customers that require VOIP telephony with extensive user management such as prisons and other special call control institutions. Check also our reference for wholesale billing.

Resource Management

We develop specialized service and graphical user interfaces for managing various telecommunication resources such as telephone numbers (mobile and fixed), block of numbers (Centrex, PBX), IP addresses, IP regions, SIM cards, CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) devices, email addresses, usernames, vouchers, wholesale identifiers, etc. For all service, we model data structures, create API SOAP interfaces for reserving and releasing resources, establish integration and data federation (replication) with possible external systems such as Inventory and CRM systems, create user friendly graphical WEB interfaces for managing resources, etc.

One of our flagship resource management services specializes in managing spatial entities such as addresses, areas, locations, etc. Based on the concepts of centralized master data management, this solution includes advances semantic algorithms for data consolidation based on semantic algorithms for pattern matching and information retrieval, complex graphical user interfaces with GIS plug-ins for data visualization and modeling. Furthermore, based on the master data management concepts, we have developed a solution for managing and controlling configirations and software licensees installed by telecommunication providers at their customer sites.

Customer Self Care Portals

We offer solutions for customer-centric self care Enterprise Billing Portals that enable management of information about issuer accounts, users, user roles, hierarchy of organizational units, telephone directory, specific price lists, user billings, account balance preview, etc. Solutions enables data federation to customer's external information systems as well. Check our customer portal solution for Centrex enterprise portal.

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