Take 3 simple steps to publish your application form

1. Create

Use rich component canvas to create and design:


  • Form layouts: simple pages, wizard pages, groups within page, number of columns within page/group, repeatable groups, etc.
  • GUI components: input fields, combo boxes, action buttons, tables, radio buttons, check-boxes, labels, date fields, text areas, etc.
  • Properties for each GUI component: position within the layout, span, title, style, etc.
  • Validations for input components: read-only, requires, number, string, date, tax, iban, regular expression, etc.
  • Rules that define component visibility, repeat-ability, etc., depending on data values in other components.
  • SOAP Web Services and data mappings between Web Service responses and GUI components.

2. Embed

Embed created application forms in one of three ways:


  • Embed application forms into your web site by simply redirecting URL call to Medius Forms publishing service which displays the corresponding form and enables data acquisition by the applicants.
  • Customize Medius Forms publishing service and embed it into your existing web project.
  • Customize Medius Forms as part of the accompanied product called Medius BPM. Medius BPM enables users to easily define BPM processes from the list of BPM definitions in a simple GUI way. Application forms designed by the Medius Forms are represented as task nodes in the BPM process.

3. Fetch

Fetch application form as an envelope which includes a digitally signed PDF presentation of the form, corresponding XML meta-data and the list of optional attachments (pdf, jpg, png, gif, tiff) uploaded by the applicant.


  • Call Medius Forms web service method to fetch an envelope.
  • Receive e-mail.
  • Define a callback web service that Medius Forms calls to send the application form envelope.

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