Online, Backoffice, Point-of-Sale

Our fully parameterized solution can be tailored to enable real-time game trading for games such as Loto, Toto, Bingo, Keno and instant ticketing. Furthermore, the solution offers functionality for cash management, draw management, TV station integration, Internet/SMS gaming, etc. It is based on the latest open source JEE technology and offers a secure and audited communication protocol between Point-Of-Sale terminals and a centralized business logic online system. The solution offers high availability and scalability, great throughput and was tested on a system performing 20.000 lottery transactions per second.

Furthermore, the solution includes the sophisticated logistics system, incorporating functionalities, such order management and tracking, customer and sales force management, complex stock management, statistical data analysis, and monitoring. It can be easily tailored to specific process models, languages, infrastructure, etc. The following is a short description of three major modules.

Centralized Online System

The Online Core solution supports numerical games of any type (X/Y + M/N) as well as any type of instant games. All process models are centralized an no logic is present on the POS terminals. The system is fully configurable and controllable regarding games, winning numbers, stakes, determination of the winning stakes, extraction of combinations of stakes made for short entries, etc. Application logic such as creating stakes, validation of stakes received by POS terminals, annulment of validated stakes, validation of requests for paying off prizes, recognition of manually filled in coupons for different games, etc. is all processed on the Online core system. All data is stored in the fault-tolerant central database and protected by encryption. Communication between POS terminals and the center is fully auditable. Furthermore, the core system controls authorization of terminal devices and users, management of cash resources and limits of POS terminals.

Backoffice and Inventory

The Backoffice solution offers functionality for management and allocation of revenues and jackpots, management of games, number drawings for each game, visualization of the winning combinations and results for closed draws, integration with the drawing drums, interfacing with the external display systems such as TV, exporting data in formats specified by the Contracting authority, enabling links to NRA, banks and other financial institutions, etc. Furthermore, the inventory part of the backoffice system offers functionality for order management and tracking, sales force and stock management, parametrization of the Online system and POS devices (cash resources and limits of POS terminals, different levels of system users, levels of authorization of terminal devices and users, management of the structure of POS network, organization of POS terminals, sending terminal notices to operators or to groups of them, statistical data analysis, and monitoring, etc.).

Point Of Sales Terminals

The POS (Point of Sales) terminal devices can be customized to run on any kind of Linux computers with a printer device, bar-code reader and an optical scanner. The solution supports secure and encrypted communication with the online center. Communication is based on a small foot-printed XML based protocol so the transactions can take place even on the narrowest mobile internet lines. POS terminals accept stakes either via manually filled-in coupons or by entering stakes from the monitor on the POS monitor and transfering information to the online center for validation and processing. POS terminals issue receipts for any stake made after online validation and confirmation. Furthermore, POS terminals can print daily reports, balance sheets, winning combinations, etc. The process of annulment of validated stakes can be done by scanning a coupon as well as checking the winnings via scanning slips for the stake. Authorization and authentication, terminal locking is controlled by the central online system. Winnings can be payable up to the limit set by the system administrator. POS users can send and receive messages to and from the central online system. Terminals can display information on peripheral devices such as TVs, electronic banners, etc.


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