Data delivery 100% guarantied

Is the main motto of our award winning interoperability service for data inquiry, specifically tailored for data delivery from e-Government registers. Regardless of possible infrastructure malfunctions, temporary unavailability of registers, inquiry overload and request complexity, transport protocol incompatibility, data validation exceptions, etc. This innovative solution ensures 100% electronic data delivery either from e-Government registers or banks, asset management companies, stock brokerage companies, municipalities, etc.

Watch a video presentation demonstrating this award winning solution custom tailored for project Tray.


  • Procedures and data gathering for multiple clients and multiple datasources
  • Procedures can combine any number of datasources
  • User friendly CMS for process/inquiry/data-source configuration
  • Parameterization of XML requests and XML responses
  • Parallel or sequential access of data sources
  • Synchronous or asynchronous data gathering
  • Packet based data gathering
  • Output of one datasource can be input to another datasource
  • SOAP/REST/http clients without programming


  • Optimized throughput: 1000+ parallel inquires, redundancy, linear scalability and availability, 2-5 second for data response
  • Dynamic orchestration of BPM processes in real-time (any complex process from predefined micro processes)
  • Controlled throughput of inquiries through different levels of data request queuing
  • Sophisticated auto-resume function that guarantees data delivery
  • Scheduler for periodic restarting of data gathering due to unavailabiliy of datasource (e.g. nights, weekends)
  • Advances Open Source Java SOA technology (SOAP, REST, EJB, JMS, jBPM, JAAS, ORM, ...)


  • WWW (who, when, why) auditing and data protection based on personal data protection recommendations by the Information Commissioner
  • Responses are decrypted by requester's private key
  • Data validation of XML responses
  • Client notification about partial/temporary results of data gathering
  • Possibilities for early process termination
  • Friendly built in GUI monitoring and alerting system

We care about data protection and auditng

Check the diversity of our e-Government references. We have implemented large official data registers, dynamic BPM procedure systems, portals for application forms, big data Information Retrieval systems, interoperability infrastructure for data gathering, etc. All solutions guaranty data protection and auditing. Only authenticated and authorized personnel can access and modify the sensitive nature of e-Government data. Check our referenced solutions for managing bid data registers for transport operators and infringements, central intelligence documents, or environmental assessment.

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