Why custom development?

Off-the-shelf SW solutions developed by large corporations tend to be general and very difficult to customize to actual customer needs. We believe, these solutions rarely offer optimal functionality to meet specific requirements of local IT projects. These of-the-shelf solutions, even if with multiple references do not guarantee a project success. Contrary, from our experience, custom SW developed solutions demonstrate a higher level of project success and higher customer satisfaction. That is the reason, we specialize in custom SW development and offer various tools and methodologies to achieve competitive solutions and full customers satisfaction.

Know-how, Quality, Ability to Execute, Customer Satisfaction

These are the factors we focus on our SW project solutions to overpower incumbent off-the-shelf solutions. As a matter of fact, all our referenced projects include some kind of project customization and have been tailored to specific customer's requirements and needs. For example, check our tailored BPM (Business Process Management) type projects such as EKT2-Core, Criminal Case, Documents Register, Tray, Infringements Register, Register of Heating Systems. They were all implemented based on customer's specifications and requirements; however, they all expose open APIs so our other solutions or solutions from 3rd party developers can reuse the functionalities from these projects. All these referenced projects demonstrate our capability and credibility to implement and customize complex IT projects based on customer’s specific requirements and needs. For custom developed projects we always executed all implementation project phases Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, QA, Deployment and Maintenance. Because of our agile development methodology that enables developers to concentrate on “what-to-do” (business logic), instead of “how-to-do” (spending time “drawing” masks and graphical interfaces) we on average shorten the implementation time by 1/3.

ekt s01 mobile scroll

Microservices, Reusable Components, Open API

Reusing components is one of our key development paradigms for custom projects, especially when the project deadlines are short. We build our project functionalities based on Microservices concepts and therefore can easily reuse these Microservices to speed up implementation time and generalize the project scope. Microservices are especially powerful for e-Governement type of projects where client applications require cross-platform functionality, or functionalities have independent operational and computational needs, or functionalities have no shared context. Below is an example of one of our Microservices architectures for e-Government. This Microservices based architecture enables various 3rd party e-Government applications to easily use functionalities exposed by these Microservices, such as creating and publishing electronic forms in real-time, accessing related information stored in external official registries, governing process orchestration and data flow, displaying application forms, digitally signing documents, classifying and retrieving documents, defining complex data and process models and dictionaries, etc.

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