Lost in the jungle of data lying in the servers of your company?

If you have collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand file and database management tools like RDBMS, SQL, scripts, etc., nothing can stop you from becoming the next BIG success of the corporate world by using our Big Data Management solution. We incorporate the best of the kind tools and concepts from Hadup Distributed File System, Cloudera, Flume, Solr, etc. with our transformation agents and visualization tools to make data available for analysis and visualization in near-real-time. Check the architecture diagram of our Big Data Management solution. It can be used for analyzing logging data in telecommunication systems, consolidation of diversified data from different interoperability systems in e-Governement, near-real-time monitoring of data flow from heterogeneous IT applications, etc.

BigDataLogging HDFS


Want to exchange data in a secure and reliable way?

There are not many services that offer encripted exchange of extra large files using a web browser. With our help you can set up rich web interfaces that allow exchange of extra large files (up to 10GB) between users in a simple, secure, and reliable way. Just use your HTML5 supported web browser, without any additional installation extensions, plugins, Flash or locally installed programs. The solution uses the most advanced security protocols in order to keep data safe at all times. Furthermore, data is scanned with anti-virus software to reduce threat exposure. Parallel threading is used to drastically speed up the transferring time. A rich web administration can be used for user management and management of many system parameters, such as data quota, data validity, level of encryption, throughput speed, etc.

Watch a video presentation for an example of the big data exchange system SOVD implemented for e-Government services.

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