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Cross-industry experience is the key to our innovative approach.

We have developed our own unique boutique approach.

We use model and test driven development, orchestration and Dockers, big data and machine learning where it is applicable. To lower customer's risk we offer turn-key solution at a fixed price. Uniquely we offer the same team across different industries insuring that the references you see are from the team you get. We made this possible through strict standardization of development methodology across the projects and developers.

Medius stays ahead of the curve. Custom software is purpose-engineered, with increased capabilities to meet desired business objectives.

The latest tech gives us many crucial benefits, from the highest level of security with Blockchain and reliable automation with DevOps to prediction and system optimization with Machine Learning. We help companies unlock data potential, boost sales and enhance operational performance.

Our sweet spot is delivering business-critical custom development projects using DevOps, Big Data, and Machine Learning. We love doing it and we are great at it.

More and more companies understand the importance of a personalized approach, data exploitation, and custom development to excel. We develop business-critical enterprise applications using DevOps, Big Data, and Machine Learning to help you gain a competitive edge.

Companies need to achieve data-driven future-proof solutions to achieve more and stay competitive. Medius creates and builds business-critical software solutions from scratch and improves the up-and-running systems to smoothly embed them into the client's IT landscape. Adding enhanced security and faster adoption within the organization. Having software that can do exactly the way you want it to do makes your business process safe, robust, and easy to manage and use. In the long run, it brings you to cost-effectiveness.

Data are new gold - but only when you understand it and have appropriate tools to bring value out of data to boost companies' business processes, operational excellence, and profitability. Big Data is in Medius DNA. We understand the risks and challenges big data projects bring. Within the project, we can prepare and execute specialized business requests at any time with the best customer-centric approach and ROI.

With our unique approach, we also provide consulting to clients looking for suitable technology and methodology for their business needs.

From why do you need data for machine learning to how to start collecting data and how to work with existing data - Medius can help and support your business challenges to bring business value.. Whether you run a startup or you’re a part of a large enterprise, we can help you leverage the power of ML to benefit your business. Our projects helped many companies optimize their operations and streamline the end-customer experience using machine learning.

Medius offers end-to-end IoT & IIoT solutions. Challenges are data-driven and the first step is the data-oriented question - how will you collect all crunch all the data. Here Medius has a risk-free solution backed up with many projects. We can help you in the areas of operations monitoring, gathering Big Data, operations optimization, ensuring security, and increasing efficiency.

Our team is passionate about utilizing our technical capabilities, experience, and product mindset to help you effectively extract real business value by implementing blockchain and DLT across your organization.

Backed by years of experience with designing, building, and scaling various SaaS solutions and a capable team of developers, QA and DevOps engineers (i.e. Kubernetes certified), we provide you with the expertise required to design and run any SaaS solution.

From helping you validate your ideas, prepare PoC or MVP to developing a robust marketplace according to your needs, Medius is ready with your custom marketplace solution.

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