Building telecommunication services is our main field of expertise. We offer tailored solutions for OSS provisioning and activation, BSS billing, rating and resource management, VoIP telephony and Service Delivery Platform.



Are you interested in a complete end-to-end software solution for lottery systems?

We are capable of delivering fully customized online lottery system, operating 24/7 and supporting thousands of POS (Point of Sale) terminals.


Custom Development

We can develop and customize business procedures and process models entirely in electronic (paperless) form. We use our BPM and CMS tools to develop rich application forms and procedures, access related data stored in official registries, govern and track case data with modelling and statistical analysis tools, etc.


Big Data

Make the most of your valuable raw data!

We can help you set up and manage a central platform for storing your business and system data from multiple sources. Such highly distributed file storage can be designed to offer near real time search and complex analytical capabilities over Petabytes of data.



 We offer fully customized and parametrized Internet e-Commerce solution, specializing in B2B processing with automatic product mappings, real-time order processing, ERP integration, data personalization, automatic stock and order monitoring, real-time analytics, responsive design, proactive contextual shopping, etc.



Our e-Government services are versatile. From custom developed official registers management systems to tailored developed intelligent and dynamic systems for public administration procedures and application forms that include complex interoperability functionalities for performing data inquiries on official registers.


Insurance Fraud Detection

Medius Fraud Detection Solution for insurance companies automatically detects suspicious claims. 
With machine learning powered automation fewer scams go undetected.



Would you like to issue your own token or a crowdsale? Or simply manage and use decentralized application for big data storage?

Medius is here to help you take the most of the new technological advancements on the blockchain! 




Medius CloudSE is software emulation of Secure Elements in the cloud. CloudSE exposes open API, that enables service providers to easily embed value added mobile services such as payment, ticketing, loyalty, stored value to their mobile applications and existing infrastructure of NFC validators.


Medius Forms

Build and publish you web application forms in 3 simple steps. As simple as your office tools. No programming, no HTML, no template customization, etc. Medius Forms is a canvas based graphical tool that enables users to create and publish rich application forms in no time.



Spirit Slovenija

Offline CloudSE - Emulation of smart cards using tokenization.

Research and development project Offline CloudSE emulates the behaviour of contactless plastic smart cards such as credit cards, store value cards for public transport, loyalty, etc. It is a global project that will enable users to securely store tickets, value or any other confidential data to their mobile device and tap their mobile device to a reader/validator as they would use a plastic smart card.


With the proper implementation of the HCE technology and an efficient business model, we can easily achieve previously unreachable goals:

  • Use of existing automated ticketing infrastructure (POS terminals and AFC systems) in combination with mobile NFC devices.
  • Connecting public transport with modern service providers (dividing economy, mobility as a service), value-added services (loyalty cards), and growing services in the field of modern banking.


  • Effective tokenization of mobile cards and risk management
  • Proper protection of tokens within the mobile application
  • Use of open standards at all interoperability points (communication protocol, security protocol, etc.)
  • Participation of providers of mobile and cloud services

With the project, we are developing a system that will prove that it is possible to create a software solution that enables seamless payment and validation with NFC mobile phones, without an internet connection, on an existing infrastructure network alongside media
backed up with secure hardware storage elements (Secure Element).

The investment is co-financed by the RS and the EU from the European Regional Development Fund.
More about the programme can be found at

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