Interoperability and Data Inqueries

Project Tray (Pladenj) is a centralized tailor made mission-critical e-Governments interoperability system that ensures information support for execution of electronic data inquiries addressed to various data sources (government registers, banks, asset management companies, stock brokerage companies, municipalities). Project enables the most reliable transport channel for neutralizing the technological specifics and complexity of data sources and allows 3rd party clients to focus more on the content of gathered data and related business process rather than technological aspects of gathering and processing data. Project was the winner at the United Nations Forum for Public Services 2013 in the category "Promoting Whole-of-the-Government Approaches in the Information Age", for Europe and North America. Check also our eGovernment service for the solution rationale.

Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Public Administration, 2013

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Automated Provisioning

Project Automator enables Telekom Slovenia to achieve full service design automation for 90% of all business scenarios, ranging from mass-market traditional voice, through broadband/FTTx to VPN, Centrex, and leased line services. The project implements innovative "technology agnostic" approach to service order orchestration using dynamic BPM process orchestration on demand in real-time. The processes, generated on-the-fly as a composition of atomic building blocks, contain micro flow definitions and provisioning rules per service specification. The project was nominated as the finalist for the "Operation Excellence Awards" at the Telecommunication Management Forum in Nice, 2010. Check also our OSS fulfillment automation service for project rationale.

Telekom Slovenia, 2010


Online Lottery

Medius Online Lottery solution has been implemented as a project for two national lottery operators. Although the projects were tailored to specific customer needs and requirements, both projects have incorporated all key modules (Online Core, Backoffice, Internet Gaming, Inventory, TV Integration, POS terminals) as specified by our lottery services. Both implementations operate 7x24, supporting unrestricted number of transactions and receiving request from the network of POS terminals in the most secure and audited way. Systems support any type of schedule for drawing numbers, including either real-time or manual types of drawings. Parametrization is defined by the management modules Backoffice and Inventory. Both systems support Internet gaming as well as automatic display of drawing information to TV stations and portals. POS terminals can be customized to any type of peripheral devices (scanners, printers, barcode readers, etc) that run on Linux operating systems. POS terminals operate in a stateless mode and have no gaming logic incorporated.

 Loterija Slovenije, 2005

National Lottery of Macedonia, 2010

Electronic Procedures and Application Forms

Project EKT2-Core enables a complete e-Governement paperless solution for creating and publishing procedures and application forms on the government portal "Slovenian Business Point", used mostly for issuing permits and regulations. The project incorporates numerous Microservices based solutions that enable central authentication and authorization, central management of digital signatures, central repository of forms and documents, central system for electronic delivery, central management of BPM based procedures, etc. However, the most important part of the project is related to how application forms are created and published to the portal. Based on our innovative solution for creating application forms called "Medius Forms", editors and administrators can create rich application forms without any programming or HTML design knowledge. These dynamically created application forms are used by applicants to simply fill requested information either manually or by inquiring relevant data from the official registers and evidences. Furthermore, applicants can attach documents, digitally sign the forms and deliver them electronically to the competent authority.

Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Public Administration, 2015

Bigdata Logging

Project Logging enables Telekom Slovenia to manage a central system for storing and visualizing logging data collected from various BSS applications. The system is based on the concepts and an architecture described for our Big Data Management solution. Using this innovative approach, Telekom Slovenia is capable of monitoring consolidated data logs from different applications in the near-real-time manner, easily identifying possible problems and bottlenecks, alarming competent users about application error messages and performance issues. 

Telekom Slovenia, 2016

Bigdata Exchange

SOVD (Large file exchange system) is a web based application which allows exchange of extra large files (up to 10GB) between users in a simple, secure, and reliable way. It was developed based on concepts and architecture defined by our Big Data Management solution for big data exchange. Exchange is possible by using HTML5 supported web browser, without the need for additional extension installation. It is mostly used for the needs of Slovenian government entities, but has been designed and used for the exchange between other countries too. The system uses different security protocols in order to keep the data safe at all times. Data is scanned with anti-virus software to reduce threat exposure. SOVD offers substantial web administrative module for user management and management of many system parameters, such as user data quota, # of days valid, password length for encryption, throughput speed, etc.

Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Public Administration, 2013

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B2B e-Commerce

Project Customer Connect is tailored developed B2B e-Commerce and Order Management system for one of the world's largest pharmaceutical organizations. It includes modules for viewing purchase orders with line level details, statuses, shipping and tracking information, delivery schedules, packaging, etc. Furthermore, the project include advanced authentication and authorization system which differentiates between internal and external users, validation of user information by account's security officer, tracking user activities, etc. Based on the latest JEE technology and architecture all business logic modules are interfaced to the SAP back-end system. Project includes extensive test driven development environment. Check our service e-Commerce for project rationale.

Sandoz, 2013

Management of Telecomunication Resources

Project Resource Management at Telekom Slovenia is tailored implementation of our BSS solutions for managing all important resources such as such telephone numbers (mobile and fixed), block of numbers (Centrex, PBX), IP addresses, IP regions, SIM cards, CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) devices, email addresses, usernames, vouchers, wholesale identifiers, etc. The system enables 3rd party applications to access these resources via unified and centralized API for creating, reserving, activating, archiving and recycling resources. Furthermore, graphical interfaces enable users to monitor requests and actions, audit logs and resource states, configure all system and resource parameters, etc.

Telekom Slovenia, 2014

Management of Spatial Entities

Project Central Registry of Spatial Entities is a project at Telekom Slovenia specialized in semantic consolidation of addresses, network equipment locations, cable facilities, etc. Based on our resource management concepts, the project incorporates rich application graphical interfaces for data searching and  GIS visualization and the extensive information retrieval system that empowers semantic algorithms for pattern matching and analysis of spatial units. Furthermore, the project is also used a central interoperability system for synchronizing consolidated information to other BSS and OSS systems such as CRM, Inventory, Billing, etc.  

Telekom Slovenia, 2014

Document Register

Project DR (Document Register) is an enterprise mission critical document management system custom developed in accordance with e-Goverment requirements and business process models. The project incorporates the most innovative concept of document classification based on concepts of automatic learning and Bayes algorithm, complex document security and an extremely fast text searching and information retrieval system for rich multimedia data as well as structural relational data. Furthermore, the project implements rich user interfaces based on technology from Eclipse RCP desktop clients. 

Criminal Case Management

Project K-Register is a criminal case management system custom developed for Supreme Court and based on our SW development principles and paradigm. Is a mission-critical application, incorporating the latest Java EE and Eclipse RCP desktop technology for management of electronic case files, exchange of information with other information systems using web services, automatic generation of court documents, and others. The project supports the criminal procedure entirely in electronic (paperless) form, real-time access to related data stored in official registries, and tracking of case data with statistical analysis tools. 

Supreme Court Republic of Slovenia, 2010

Register of SW Licences

Project Licenses enables Iskratel, a global integrator of info-communications solutions to manage software licenses for their digital switching systems. Although the project was custom tailored to specific requirements, the project architecture and implementation concepts were defined by our agile model driven development paradigm and the Medius Commons tool. The project enables operators and 3rd party system integrators to use modern web based user interfaces to create management node configurations by themselves without help from Iskratel technicians. Operators create licenses by using Software Building Blocks that are defined in the external systems of SAP and Remedy.

Iskratel, 2015

Register of Transport Infringements

Project NER (National Electronic Register) is a custom developed register for managing transport operators, undertakings, licenses and infringements in public transportation for goods and people. This project enables competent authorities to access and manage all entities and services managed by this register using securely exposed web services, or web based graphical user interfaces. The system enables the exchange of infringements among EU competent authorities with similar registers via the ERRU (European Register of Road Transport Undertakings) interoperability system. The project guaranties data protection, security and auditing as defined for all our eGovernment services.

Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Infrastructure, 2012

Register of Chimney Sweep Services

Project EviDim (Register of of Small Combustion Plants and Chimney Sweep Services) is a custom developed register for Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning specialized in managing records of all small combustion plants and chimney sweep services by the service providers. The project includes a comprehensive reporting module so the competent authorities can monitor the operations of involved service providers in the process. The system provides two basic modes of operations. The first mode of operation is based on data exchange via web services by 3rd party applications of service providers. The second mode of operation is by using the web based user interfaces provided by the project for those service provider that do not have their own management applications. 

Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, 2013

Rapid Development Framework

e-Jupiter is an application framework for rapid application development based on the Medius Commons tool, custom tailored for Telekom Slovenia. It enables programmers at Telekom Slovenia to build graphical user interfaces and access server side BSS services without Java programming. Developers just simply create XML documents in which they define the properties of the graphical user components and bind these components to the existing server side BSS services. e-Jupiter supports responsive design optimized for phones and tablets.

Telekom Slovenia, 2014

Centrex Monitoring System

Project Centrex Monitoring is a mission critical business system deployed at Telekom Slovenia which implements functionalities based on our OSS services such as provisioning, activation and monitoring. The project supports real-time record collection, billing and monitoring of telephone calls for DTM and VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephone digital switching systems. It includes real-time mediation for managing more than 1 million phone calls per day and the complex rating software interfacing web services for real time rating and call cost calculation. It is based on the latest JEE technology and the Medius Commons tool for automatic GUI generation. Furthermore, this project includes functionalities of the Self-care Enterprise Billing Portal for managing and presenting user defined data structures (accounts, users, roles, hierarchy of organizational units, telephone directory, special menus, account balance, phone book, etc.). The portal is used by VOIP subscribers (hotels, prisons, hostels, business offices, public institutions etc.).

Telekom Slovenia, 2007

B2C and B2B e-Commerce

Project eShop is a custom developed Internet commerce system tailored for specific requirement for DZS, one of the biggest retailing companies in Slovenia. This custom implemented e-Commerce system is specialized for both B2C and B2B processing (1000+ B2B customers and 5000+ accounts) with automatic product mapping, real-time order processing, ERP integration, data personalization, etc. Furthermore, this project handles more than 50000 products and brands and includes most of the standard electronic shop functionalities such as up-selling, x-selling, dynamic categorization, full-text search, various payment and delivery methods, etc. Part of the project is also the custom developed Content Management System which is used for overall project administration, customization and parametrization. 

DZS, 2013

Prepaid Billing System

Project Prepaid is the billing system that enables Telekom Slovenia to implement VOIP telephony for specific customers that require controlled and secured telephony environment, such as prisons and secure government institutions. The project was developed based on our Service Delivery Platform solution which is based on the Mobicents Communication Platform. The system is fully integrated with the existing Broadworks IP switching system and incorporates real-time mediation, prepaid rating, voice portal supporting DTMF and voice announcements for end users, etc. . Furthermore, part of the project is a web based portal used for data management, administration, and monitoring.

Telekom Slovenia, 2010

Wholesale Billing

Project ISP Billing is a complex wholesale billing system for ISP (Internet Service Provider) operators that use/lease infrastructure from Telekom Slovenia. The project is based on Drools, a business rule management system (BRMS) with a forward and backward chaining inference based rules engine. It handles more than 2000 billing and other business rules based on information form the CRM system. This project incorporates rich desktop applicaiotn based on Eclipse RCP for billing data presentation and monitoring.

Telekom Slovenia, 2006

Purchase Order Tracking

Sandoz Customer Connect is a web based application which main function is tracking and reviewing of the purchase orders of the Sandoz direct customers. The application provides numerous functionalities such as user management and administration, auditing the activity of the users, locking and activating users, presentation of customers purchase orders with search, print, export functionalities. Delivery information of each purchase order is also provided: packing lists, invoices, tracking number (with link to shipper’s website). System will also offer functionalities of sending emails, random password generation, password expiry, and a simple administration of the Customer Connect content such as managing the Company/Sold To data of the countries connected to the system.

Sandoz (a Novartis company), 2014

Blockchain Development

Medius is a true fan of the blockchain concepts and idea of decentralised and trust-less applications. We want to connect decentralized blockchain environment to the real world. Currently we are developing two projects that tokenize real world assets and can significantly influence our lives. 

Project Blocksquare is a simple and secure way to buy, sell and trade real estate running on a blockchain. By providing Proof of Title (PoT) to owners of the tokenised properties we increase trust and securely link these coded objects to the cumbersome and archaic structures of various national land registries.

Project Trustedoctor is already a well established startup that provides a direct link to the world's leading doctor specialists. Trustedoctor platform ensures patients to virtualy connect and get treatment and advice from the best experts by arranging real-time consultations with the right specialist. Together with Medius we are building a blockchain storage system for storing patient's medical records to ensure data integrity, immutability, and interoperability.

Blocksquare, 2017

Trustedoctor Ltd., 2017

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