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Welcome to the new era of customer experience. Here are some stories we created with our clients.

»Allowing service providers to reach numerous data sources with a single integration means Pladenj is under heavy traffic. But it handles it perfectly, also due to the sophisticated machine learning throughput throttling.«

Bernarda Kozelj
Secretary at Ministry of Public Administration, Republic of Slovenia

Solution “Pladenj” (Tray) connects over 500 data sources within one solution. It incorporates the first AI solution in the public administration, a sophisticated machine learning framework for predicting throughput and enabling self-optimization of data.


data enquiries per day


estimated savings per year


data sources (registers, banks)


electronic forms and procedures w/o programming

»Medius’ solution has shown great value and multiple possible machine learning use cases in insurance companies. Furthermore, it has confirmed the expertise and reliability of Medius's experts. I would definitely recommend such product to all insurance companies.«

Maja Krumberger
Director of Slovenian Insurance Association

Fraud detection with machine learning is an ideal tool that helps insurance companies analyze their data, create machine learning models and return real-time fraud scores.


insurance companies

80% +

accuracy in suspicious claims detection

»We use Medius’ solution for data collection, monitoring and analysis to predict and prevent production failures of our 170+ applications in real-time, increasing overall IT ecosystem performance and availability.«

Sašo Savič
Director OSS & BSS at Telekom Slovenije d.d.

By implementing the best CI/CD and DevOps practices Medius helped Telekom Slovenije take control and ownership across their software projects. The standardization of the internal and external development methodology enabled them to free up their time, gain control over their systems, and quickly identify errors and problems.





350 million

events per month


events per second, near real-time search

»Amazing work, Medius empowered us to iterate faster without compromising quality. I would highly recommend them.«

Robert Eržen
Chief Information Officer at Loterija Slovenija d.d.

Implementations operate 24/7, supporting an unrestricted number of transactions and receiving requests from the network of POS terminals in the most secure and audited way. The systems support any type of schedule for drawing numbers, including either real-time or manual types of drawings.

1 hour

service level agreement


lottery transactions per second


point of sale terminals


user requests per second in peaks

»There are not many companies in the region able to design and develop a system of such functional complexity and be agile at the same time. Kudos!«

Borut Puklavec
Chief Technology Officer at Nomago

Marketplace is a web application used by end customers to order vehicles and by carriers to rent out their vehicles. It includes: backend for fleet and driver management with the advanced capability of resource availability prediction and dynamic pricing—for optimal resource usage; and SaaS implementation ready to be deployed to other markets.


vehicles in the system


charter transfers per day


generic algorithm for optimal resource usage


number of markets to be deployed to

»Tokenization is changing how we access real estate investments, increasing value and liquidity of the world’s biggest asset class. Medius’ technical expertise will help us bring tokenization mainstream.«

Denis Petrovcic
CEO at Blocksquare

Digitize the value and revenues of any real estate property. With real estate tokenization platform entrepreneurs can start digitising real estate assets at a fraction of the cost. Built on Ethereum and IPFS, any single real estate property can be converted into 100,000 tokens, either partially or in full, providing investors a transparent and standardised digitalisation process.


Tokenized Real Estate property in the world in 2018

4 out of 7

Continents of the World

1 out of 6

Case studies at Harvard University Fintech programme


Peer-to-peer trading for all your tokenized assets

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