Our software development and testing paradigm is based on the Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD) methodology.

It is 'AGILE', because it incorporates most of agile software development and testing methodology concepts. It is 'MODEL', because we model and not program the behavior of our applications by simply annotating entities (POJO/JPA) of the business component models. Our tool Medius Commons is the core of the development methodology and enables programmers to focus on "what-to-program" instead of "how-to-program". Test driven development is accomplished by Selenium based APIs as the integral part of the tool.


Using the best-in-class open source JEE Application Development frameworks and libraries we guaranty high-quality SW solutions and short development cycles. Our technology competency matrix includes:

Microservices, MVC, WEB (2/3/n Tier), SOA, WOA (REST)
Java & Java EE
JSP, Servlet, JSF, EJB, JMS, JAAS, JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, RMI, Swing, SWT/RCP, AJAX, JSON, Web Services
Progressive WEB Applications
WEB Technologies
AngularJS, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Spring MVC, GWT, Axis, jQuery, Python
Private & Public Cloud
Linux virtualization, HA storage, OpenStack, Google Cloud
GitLab Runner, Maven, Nexus, Docker, Kubernetes
Application and WEB servers
WidFly, Thorntail, Spring Boot, Tomcat, Weblogic, Jetty, Websphere
Big Data & Search Tools
Cloudera, Hadoop, Flume, Kafka, ELK, Lucene, SOLR, Redis
AI & Machine Learning
Weka, MOA, TenzorFlow, DL4J
Mobile Technologies
Android, NFC, HCE, Java Card, Secure Element, JCOP
Informix, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL
Rule Engines & BPM
Drools, jBPM, Casandra
Telecommunication and SIP/JAIN SLEE
Broadsoft, Telcordia Granite, Mobicents, Asterisk, jRadius, FOS gateway
dApps, Solidity, Mist, Metamask, Infura
Development Tools
IDEA IntelliJ, Eclipse, Apache Ant, Apache Maven, JUnit, Mockito, Git, SVN, Hudson, FreeMarker, Jankins, Selenium, SonarCube, Arquillian, Groovy, Gatling

Medius Commons

Is our flagship tool for Agile Model Drive Development which enables programmers to concentrate on programming business logic, integration, usability and value added functionalities instead of programming user interfaces, developing utility tools, test suites, etc. Medius Commons allows programmers to automatically create rich user interfaces and respective unit tests by simply annotating POJO or JPA objects of the business component models. Proven by numerous projects to shorten development and testing cycle by 1/3. It consists of a server-side API, a client-side API, a horde of user interface components/widgets on the both sides, themes for controlling the appearance, and a data model that allows binding the server-side components directly to data. MediusForms uses responsive design, which means that applications design is optimized for phone, tablet and desktop screen.

Three simple Java classes can create a rich web user interface

Click on "Try it" to demonstrate the power of Medius Commons programming methodology. The source code is available for each respective user interface.

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